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Ideas To Make More Fun!

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Getting out into nature is one of the most efficient ways to deal with the stresses of modern life. Studies have shown that we relax when we are out of doors. Our senses become sharper as we deal with new types of sensory input – all of which promote the release of chemicals that flood our bloodstream and promote a feeling of contentment. However, proper planning can make an already great experience even better. Here are some hints and tips to take your hiking and backpacking excursion to the next level.

Backpacking Tour Gear

There are some essential pieces of equipment that should be in every backpack. The first of these is parachute cord. A length of parachute cord has numerous uses. It could be used for securing a tent and unraveled to provide essential parts of a snare or to fashion fishing traps – or even repairing tears in clothing or rips in the tent material.

Never neglect to pack some large ziplock bags.  They are among the most useful pieces of equipment that you will ever pack. They can be used in any number of ways. Ziplock bags can be used to keep clothes dry at river crossings or in stormy weather, protect electronic equipment, act as an emergency water carrier or for transporting food. Another essential is a large trash bag. This can be used to separate wet clothes from dry and keep a backpack dry during an unexpected shower. It can even serve as an emergency poncho.

It may come as little surprise but many experienced backpackers will take some duct tape on their outdoor adventure. It’s as simple as winding a few feet around your water bottle to have on hand in an emergency. There are a myriad uses for duct tape. Fixing a leaking air mattress, a rip in a tent or even performing running repairs on a backpack frame will all be a pleasure with that duct tape handy.

Backpacking Tour Gear You Might Not Think Of

One of the best value for money items that any backpacker or hiker should have on their gear list is a cheap plastic tablecloth. This takes up almost no room at all and is a tremendously versatile piece of equipment. Use it to prepare food in a hygienic manner, keep gear dry that might be muddy and have no place in the tent, in a pinch it can be used as a shelter from the rain. The number of uses is practically limitless.

There are many that would argue that even a lightweight camping or hiking stool is an unwelcome burden.

However, after a long day hiking, you will be only too happy to have somewhere warm and dry (and comfortable) to sit. It sure beats rocks and fallen trees which are often the alternative. They actually weigh very little and can be attached to the exterior of the backpack. So you will not be sacrificing any of the valuable interior packing space.

Thinking out of the box – and some simple planning can increase your enjoyment of your hiking and backpacking experience. Start drawing up your list of essential gear today. It’ll make the experience that much more exciting.